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28 Days to Health

Do you want to feel better, have more energy and lose weight? The 28 Days to Health program is an award-winning nutrition education series. You will learn about how your body responds to different foods and how to eat to sustain good health for life.


  • Lose 2 to 6 lbs per week naturally
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase energy and performance
  • Reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Promote blood sugar stability
  • Resolve digestive issues
  • Elimination of headaches, muscle and joint pain
  • Learn tools for effective lifestyle change.

Class tuition: $100. Includes detailed patient manual, 4 weeks of video education, recipe E-books and 4 15 min appointments with Dr. Dowling to assess metabolic changes during the program.

Please email Dr. Dowling at to RSVP.

Testimonials for 28DTH:

"I have always hated diets and was never very good at it. I was always athletic and in good shape until I got into my 50’s and then things changed. My metabolism slowed, my hormones were no longer working, and I began to slowly gain weight and was having a very hard time losing it. Then I signed up for Dr. Meghan’s class and began to realize that there was hope with the “28 Days to Health” program. I realized that I needed to pay much more attention to the ingredients in food and not just the nutritional facts on the label. Chemical-free, organic, whole, real food is the answer. The class was fun and very informative and the information in the manual was fantastic. Dr. Dowling supplied the class with a wealth of recipes and samples of some of the excellent organic real, whole food dishes. I lost 15.5 pounds in 4 weeks and the best part about it is that I have been able to sustain my weight loss since the program. I couldn’t be happier with my new lifestyle!"


"Thank you Dr. Dowling for sharing with us and helping us take control of our nutrition to get healthy. I am really hopeful that I am 73 years old and after many baby steps, I took some giant steps which are really helping. I wanted this much progress this quickly, but truthfully, I didn't really think it was possible, and, quite simply, it is so much easier that I thought possible. Dr. Meghan is a big part of that; you are what a health professional should be, in my mind, my unending thanks. Inflammation remains at bay and I am so thrilled. Lack of pain is the greatest bonus. Sleeping well is another real bonus. I have very positive input on the program, reduction of inflammation, and all the new "much better tasting" foods you introduced us to. Classes were delightful, thanks again. As a result of your excellent manipulation and this program, think I may be seeing you much less, so much earlier than I originally thought would happen. Glad you are going into nutrition, you are terrific at it and what a fabulous role model you and your family are."


"After losing 122 pounds over 10 years ago, I thought I was set for life. Then I got very sick and an infection settled into my severely arthritic knee. I had to have it replaced. I was 48 years old. Recovery was difficult and another operation was needed. This set me back over a year and the weight started to come back on. A few years later, back problems surfaced. I guess all those years of being an athlete and playing hard were catching up to me. Doctors recommended surgery for my back. I said no. My days were becoming more difficult to get through and carrying all the extra weight was causing me so much pain. After my other knee needed replacing, I knew I had to do something.

One day while waiting for my appointment, Dr. Dowling was talking to another patient about a new program called “28 Days to Health.” I was listening in, but said nothing. Dr. Austin then told me about this program and how it works. He told me Dr. Dowling was hosting a class to teach more about the program and that it met for one month on Monday nights. I signed up figuring I didn’t have anything to lose but the weight. (And some Monday night football games!)

The classes were extremely enlightening and full of great information. Dr. Dowling’s extensive knowledge and genuine interest in helping us achieve our weight loss goals only served to make the classes that much better! I always thought that as an educated adult, I knew how to eat in a healthy way. Boy, was I wrong! The information presented was research based and at times, shocking. How and what we eat is truly the basis for good health. This in turn can affect inflammation, arthritis, and numerous other diseases in either a positive or negative way.

The “28 Days to Health” program was just the jumpstart I needed to begin to lose the weight I so desperately wanted and needed to lose. I began this journey the day after the first class, Tuesday, October 15, 2013. Four months later on February 15, 2014, I had lost 41 pounds. I continue to lose and am now down 44 pounds. As a result of this, I am back to exercising at least 5 to 6 days a week which makes me feel almost like the athlete I used to be. My days teaching are not as physically grueling as they were and I have a lot more energy. My back pain, while I know it will never go away completely, is significantly better.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Dowling enough for introducing me to the “28 Days to Health” program. Her class got me back on the road to a healthy life. With her encouragement and guidance, I am looking forward to feeling good for many years to come!"


(As a side note: Jean has now lost a total of 100 lbs one year after completing the 28 Days to Health program! We are so proud of her!)

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