“The past 2 years of my life has been a roller coaster of pain in my lower back and hip. I’ve seen another chiropractor prior who helped me along and he was good! I started seeing Dr. Dowling about 1 1/2 months ago and I have to say for the first time in 2 yrs I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Dr. Dowling is an amazing professional who truly cares about her craft and my well being… I’ve had constant pain for so long but since I’ve started treatment with Dr. Dowling I had several bouts of feeling “normal”! Thank you Dr. Dowling, Kelly, and Dr. Austin for taking me on as a patient! btw… chiropractic runs in their blood… 5 generations!!!”

~ Beth M.

“I had been going to Dr Austin’s office and waiting for my husband who is a regular. After one session, Dr Austin came out and I was telling him about my awful migraines, headache. He offered a session and boy, what a life changing experience. He found all kinds of neck problems and it was like I “saw the light”. Can’t thank him enough for giving me relief.”

~Clare F.

“Dr. Meghan Dowling is the best. I’ve had a very bad lower back pain, elbow and knee pain. It took me only three sessions to decrease the pain from 10 to 3. Thank you so much. The entire staff is very friendly.”

~Abdula G.

“I first started seeing Dr Dowling because my baby had turned breech at 37 weeks. My OB had started talking about having a version or a C section. As this was my third child, I wanted to try all other options before resorting to that. My OB referred me to Austin family chiropractic and they were able to get me in the very next day! Dr Dowling performed the Webster technique, which has a high success rate for turning breech babies, and showed my husband and I spinning babies exercises to try. After only three Webster adjustments and 5 days of doing the exercises, my baby had turned head down again by the next OB appointment and I was able to deliver safely, no surgical intervention required! Dr Dowling is my hero!”

~Emmalyn B.

“This was pretty close to a life changing experience but I seems goofy to talk about in those terms. I had been struggling with upper back and neck pain for over 9 months. I had never tried chiropractic before and went to couple practices that wanted me sign up for a 40 session program. That didn’t seem right to me. I didn’t know if this was the nature of chiropractic or if I’d just had some back experienced. I heard about Dr Austin from someone I trust. He took 20 minutes to carefully heard me. He spent another 10 minutes helping me understand what he though the issue might be and what he was going to do to help. Then he adjusted me. Last night I actually slept the whole night (this is first for me in over a year.). Today I’ve had no need for muscle relaxers or pain killers. I feel this great sense of relief and I’m really thankful to Dr Austin for helping me.”


“Dr. Austin and Dr. Dowling are two very knowledgable Chiropractors. I highly recommend the 28 Days to Health class, it has improved my health significantly. Dr. Austin and Dr. Dowling and Kelly are all very good with children as well.”

~JoAnn C.

“Dr. Dowling is superb. I’ve never been to a chiropractor who paid more attention to my needs than my money. I called in this morning to try to book a last minute first appointment and they took me in an hour and a half later. My appointment lasted about an hour with the exact treatment that I needed for my neck, shoulder, and back. I came out feeling brand new. I’m excited for my second appointment next Monday.
I just realized I never posted this review, but I am now a regular. Unlike the few chiropractors that I’ve been to, Dr. Dowling pays attention to all of my needs and tends to each of them individually. She doesn’t do the same treatment during every visit.”

~Dominique F.

“My husband injured his back and couldn’t move without extreme pain. We called around to find someone who could help and were incredibly grateful when Dr. Austin told us to come in. In my husband’s own words: “He saw me at the end of the day on a Friday with no appointment, without being a previous patient. He kept his doors open for a stranger with no hard sell, in fact no sales pitch at all, and a handful of free biofreeze to help mitigate the pain over the weekend. Seriously impressed.” As for me, I had to hang out for an hour in the lobby with an active toddler. The receptionist (I know she’s Dr. Austin’s wife but I don’t know her first name), was incredibly patient and kind, to the point of handing her iPad to my son to let him play with an animal sounds app. I booked an appointment for myself for next week, because these people are entirely too awesome to miss!”

~Vanessa H.

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